Saturday, July 3, 2010

new sem jun-dis 10

This sem aq kne wat lg bagus coz this is my last sem with my lovely friend...
selamat kembali k campus uitm segamat all my dear..
miss u everyone

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

subjects this semester

First, the subject is English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311). Our lecturer is Mr. Izuan. This semester I create something different. I try loving to read English material such as readers digest and English novel. Furthermore often speak English with my friend at collage. I also buy English grammar and vocabulary to improve my English. I also love to hear English song, and then it will find the meaning of it. Then, I used to speak with my friend. I try to speak English with them, than it will make I speak not very well but okay lah!!!!

Second, the subject is Macroeconomics (ECO 211). I have already studied for this subject. It is quite hard because macroeconomics is about theory and calculation. I need to remember and understand all the formula. If not, I could not perform well. I already know who Mr Azim Sardan is. He is nice and sometimes makes us feel comfortable to attend her class. Hope that I will achieve my goals on this subject.

Third is Algebra (MAT263). This subject is really fun to learn. I never get bored towards this subject. It is really amazing! I already know who Miss Nurul Zulaiha Saudak is. She still nice with our class and help us to understand clearly on this subject. The assessments still move on and I hope I will get A for this subject.

Fourth, the subject is Calculus 1 (MAT149). Our lecturer is Miss Syaidatul Syaida. This subject is really tough. No wonder this subject brings 4 credit hours. From my view, many of us can perform well in the class. I must perform better in the final examination. Hopefully, I will get A for this subject.

Fifth is Probability and Statistics (QMT 200). Our lecturer is Professor Madya Ruhana. She still nice and treat us like her children. Always give us advice in our daily lives. She always calm if we do not understand about something. Sometimes, she also very kind to buy us junk food. I hope to get A for this subject.

Last is Operations Management (QMT337). Our lecturer is Madam Nosiah. This subject is easy to understand. It is the requirement to do presentation as our assessment. The presentation brings 50 percent marks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

making a career plan

To succeed you need to take control, grad the driver’s seat and go in the direction you desire. Driving off- course could translate to years of misery, stagnation and unrecoverable lost ground. As such, a well laid plan is crucial to help accomplish your goals.

3 steps: a winning career plan.

1.Know yourself.
Your career choice is one of those defining actions whose outcome largely depends on self-knowledge. Yet it’s incredible how people can drift along in occupations they hate or freeze their potentials because they aren’t bothered to find out what they really want to do. In fact poor self-awareness is a major reason for graduates who have jobs far from their major, change careers midstream. To discover what makes you tick, ask yourself; “who am I?”, “what am I good at? “And “what matters to me the most?”.

2.Study career.
You can interview persons in fields you about their typical workday. These informational interviews can open your eyes to the realities of certain professions. Graduates can take advantage of their institute counseling services, internship programs, institute-sponsored seminars and conferences on careers. Narrow your option and make a selection once you’ve got the necessary information.

3.Make a decision.
If you decided to change careers, consider taking part=time or volunteer work to see if the new professional or activity clubs to soak in the atmosphere and meet people who could get you a head start by giving you tips, referrals and guidance.

Testing waters with your toes help you gain experience without committing too much of your time and effort. If your new career choice fails to meet your expectations, you can try other options until you dream job. A career plan is a continuous activity that changes as you mature over the years. Your plan has to be flexible and adaptable as you find new oppoertunities.

Monday, March 29, 2010

my first day in uitm

You are done with high school and are now in college or university as a freshman. What do you do? Will life be chill throughout your years in this new place? Will you have 3 classrooms of friends? Will campus life be fantastically memorable? Will everything fall into place like a perfect puzzle? Well at least that’s what all of us hope for. But the truth is, if you do not play your cards right, things may backfire and your college or university life may very well be your worst nightmare.

First, I want to have a great campus life, I have to start by interacting with people. Introduce myself to my classmates during my Economics class. Be approachable by swapping e-mail addresses and hand phone numbers. It’s simple. Always remember that all my classmates are around the same age as me. However, be very alert of people who want to be friends with me. There are many characters out there who want to mix with me for their personal advantage.

A guaranteed way to meet people of similar interests is to register myself with a club. Every college has popular clubs. Joining the Performing Arts Club in my university could be ideal way for me to continue me obsession with public speaking, meet dozens of people who share me passion.

The golden principle of sustaining a good campus life is to be myself. Noting is more evident to other that when someone who is putting on a show trying to impress others or be someone he or she isn’t. Having said all of the above, campus life can be a foreboding time if me cards right. The task of making friends in this new daunting environment can be quite challenging. To make it worse, our parents always remind us to focus on our grades and worry about our social life later. But truth is, as important as our academic achievements are, college is also about experiencing our independence and being the person me really want to be.

In conclusion, being a freshman is no time to stay indoors. Of course, it does not mean that I must neglect my studies.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do children learn more quickly than adults?

Who learns faster – children or adults?
Small children seem to learn very quickly, while adults sometimes appear to lose the ability to pick up new subject such as languages, music, games, or computer programs. Children or adults make the best learners???

It is undoubtedly true that children seem to learn very quickly. In just a few years, they can learn how to play a musical instrument, speak one or even two new language, and deal with many subjects at school. They even have time for sports and hobbies; become experts in their favorite pastimes. However, how much of this is social pressure and how much is genetic? I am convinced that while children’s brains have a natural ability to absorb new information as part of their developmental growth, much of their achievement is because of social pressure. Schools force them to take many subjects. Parents force them to practice new sports or learn music. Even their playmates force them to become better at computer games or to read Harry Potter novels faster. In summary, children may enjoy learning, but their environment also is a big motivating factor.

Adults on the other hand are supposed to be poor learners. However, I disagree with people who say that adults cannot learn quickly. Adults have many skills that compensate for the decline in the ability of the brain to grasp and remember new material. They can organize their learning by setting times for reading or practice. They can build on skills and experiences they know already. Adults usually cannot learn to do ballet or to play the violin, but even despite these physical challenges, their motivation can often be higher than a child’s. Unfortunately, society does not encourage many adults to learn. People are busy with families and work, and some adults may feel that further learning is pointless, since they have already achieved many goals at work or their personal life.

In conclusion, I feel that we cannot generalize about children or adults being better learners. It depends on the situation and motivation of the person, and the level of enthusiasm he or she has for learning.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 this i hate the most

I don’t like to eat watermelon.
It is because watermelons have much water and watermelons have many seeds.
Furthermore, I also don’t like it taste.

I hate when I am in hot situation.
My body can make much sweat and make my body foul smell.
I don’t like it.
It is also can make my skin lewd.
I feel want to (“garu”) every time, it make me uncomfortable.
When my body feels hot, I cannot do anything that I want to do.
Then, it makes me take times to finish my work that I have plan.

Furthermore, I hate when I study in noise situation.
It can make me lose focus in my study.
Then, when I cannot focus it can make me difficult to remember what I had read.
So, it can make me so stress.

I hate the most………….
When I am in the dirty and to be spread.
I am feeling not comfortable and also make me fibred.
When I in the dirty and to be spread, it can make me easier to angry to everyone around me.

Do you ever like collect dirty clothes for a week??????????????
But for me,
I don’t like to collect dirty clothes.
I feel happy when all my clothes clear with dirty.

I hate, when I walk in summer with slipper.
Make my legs sunburn.
It is because difficult to clear the sunburn at legs but different with face,
The face easy to clear it.

Make me stress.
It is because I always want to perfect.
Furthermore, I can finish my assignment on time.

I hate read a book.
When I am reading book, I feel so sleepy.
After that I will lose my focus what I had read about the book.
It’s so stress!!!!

Do you like spicy food????
Oh no…..
I don’t like it.
I cannot eat spicy food.
Spicy food……..
Can make my stomach feel painful.
Then, my body will easy to sweat after eat spicy food.

I hate the most when…..
Sibling rivalry is especially conspicuous when children are approaching their teens.
It happens when there is a small age gap between siblings.
Although the siblings are merely a few years older than each other, they do not see eye to eye on most issues that concern them.